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I founded The Frida Center for Fibromyalgia to treat fibromyalgia with an integrative medical approach. The clinic is named for Frida Kahlo, an early 20th century Mexican artist who is thought to have suffered from fibromyalgia. She painted a self-portrait with multiple nails piercing her body, which is a pretty accurate description of how this illness can feel. But even while dealing with fibromyalgia, she managed to take the art world by storm and live a bold and inspiring life. In 2022 The Frida Center transitioned away from direct patient care to focus on fibromyalgia advocacy, education and research.

I often get asked from patients all over the country if I can recommend a local provider that uses my approach to treat patients. Unfortunately I don't have any recommendations for treatment providers that use an approach similar to mine. My best advice is to use the information in The FibroManual with your primary care provider if they are open-minded. If not, try to partner with a provider trained in integrative medicine. You can find a provider trained in the same style of integrative medicine as I am at The Institute for Functional Medicine.


There are some clinics and providers that specialize in treating fibromyalgia with their own approach. I am not endorsing any specific providers or clinics, but feel that since they specialize in fibromyalgia they are at least knowledgeable about fibromyalgia treatment.

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